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How to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs Naturally – Easy and Simple Steps to Soft and Beautiful Legs

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Causes of Strawberry legs

The medical term used for strawberry legs is keratosis pilaris. The condition is a benevolent and
perpetual skin condition. It happens more in dry skin. It caused because of

Enlarged Pores

Dark spots are called strawberry legs are caused by too much of oil production or sebum. Too much of
sebum clog pores, trap bacteria, and dead skin inside. When the pores are exposed to air through
shaving, they oxidize, causing the pores to seem darker.


Folliculitis is an irritation of the hair follicle. Exposure to bacteria, yeast, or fungi can all cause the
condition. Folliculitis can be caused by shaving and also the presence of ingrown hairs.



Dry skin

Dry skin can debilitate your skin hindrance, which is the highest layer of skin. When your skin barrier is
not isn’t working appropriately, you may encounter aggravation. It is essential to get rid of black spots
on legs naturally and depreciate the skin.

Let’s perceive how to get rid of dark pores on legs naturally?

Ways to get rid of clogged pores on Legs


This is the most vital advance for avoiding and treating strawberry legs. You will likely evacuate the
development in your pores so they are not dim.
Keeping your legs well exfoliated is probably the most ideal approaches to get rid of dark spores on legs.
Exfoliation is a process where you evacuate any development of oil, earth, and microorganisms.
Exfoliation expels layers of dead skin cells. You can utilize various exfoliating products to get rid of dark
pores on legs naturally. You can find these fixings in your kitchen like baking soda, salt, sugar, olive oil,
These ingredients used to get rid of clogged pores on legs naturally and never harm your leg. All
ingredients are available for a cheap cost.


Hair Removal

Women always try to keep their legs as hair-free as possible. Waxing and epilating are great alternatives
to remove strawberry legs. Waxing helps prevent ingrown hair and rashes; however, it tends to be more
In case of shaving, shave toward the path hair grows. Flush in cold water to close your pores, limiting
their introduction to air.
Like exfoliating, moisturizing is a key component used to get rid of clogged pores on legs. You need to
exfoliate the skin first then moisturize.
Dry skin is one of the greatest hazards and can be eliminated from moisturizing often.
At the same time do not over-exfoliate or over-moisturize it may lead to blockage. Do never over abuse
your skin to remove strawberry legs.