Darren Banks (b. 1978) incorporates found and made film footage into sculpture and installation to explore ideas about domesticity, defunct technologies, cinema and the unknown. The work questions the perception of sculpture in relation to objects, film and memory.

Banks is interested in the possibility of film as sculpture. Within his practice sculpture is not just confined to three dimensions, but can exist on and within different platforms. As a horror film fanatic he’s intrigued by the aesthetic and structural devices used within the genre.

Banks uses film by embedding it into sculptural assemblages. He believes in the neutrality between different objects, media and materials. For example, he uses film/video/internet in the same way as a piece of string or an ironing board. Accepting that film/video exists on the same plane as direct experience gives it equal footing in the world. Being open to this neutrality between objects, materials and media enables the work to escape the confines of the physical; creating new spaces within the work, where gravity is optional and objects and characters can take on new meaning through the processes of deconstruction and reconfiguring


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l’exposition d’un film POSTER (Darren Banks)2015.png