Solo Exhibitions


2015 Object Cinema, Tyneside Cinema & Workplace Gallery, Venice, Italy

2015 Object Cinema, The Gallery, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle

2014 The Raven, Garman Ryan Collection, The New Walsall Gallery, Walsall

2013 The Object Echo, Baltic 39 | Figure one, Newcastle

2013 Evermore, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead

2012 Better Place Portraiture, Vane Gallery, Newcastle

2011 Backwater, NN Contemporary, Northampton

2010 Soothsayers, Sierra Metro, Edinburgh


Group Exhibitions &  Film Screenings



Its origins are indeterminate, whitechapel gallery, London



I Want My Ideal Paste, KELDER , London

The New Archive, NN contemporary, Northampton

Mount Florida Screenings 08, GoMA, Glasgow, Scotland

Mount Florida Screenings 08, Mount Florida, Glasgow, Scotland

Record Store, Seventeen, Aberdeen, Scotland

Keepeeupee, Kottishop, Berlin, Germany

The Exhibition of a Film, Presentation House Gallery,Vancouver, Canada

IKG Film Days, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

3d Glitch, Drugo more, Croatia



Full Screen, curated by Benjamin LAUGIER and Mathilde ROMAN, Le station, nice, France

'The Thing from another world' 1951 , film screening , Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, New York

Nitehawk Shorts Festival, Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, New York

A-or-ist Issue #2 Launch: A kind of care or sustenance, Raven Row. London

The Primal Shelter is The Site for Primal Fears,The Living Art Museum, Iceland

The Exhibition of a Film (derivatives), A project by Mathieu Copeland, Centre d'Art Contemporain, Genève



Workplace on Paper, Workplace Gallery, London

The Exhibition of a Film ( Publication Launch), A project by Mathieu Copeland, Tate Modern, London

The Exhibition of a Film (derivatives), A project by Mathieu Copeland, cneai=,  Chatou, France

The Exhibition of a Film, A project by Mathieu Copeland, Centre Pompidou, Paris. France

I'MTen, IMT Gallery, London

Island, Adaptations 3, G39, Cardiff

3d Glitch, Priestman Gallery, Sunderland/Manchester

Cornucopia, Syson Gallery, Nottingham

House of the flying Wheel, Morley gallery, London

What were you looking for? Plymouth Art Weekender, Plymouth



Peinture Abstraite, curated shows,

Satellite Satellite, Workplace gallery, London

Art Scene, Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, New York

House of the flying Wheel, Backlit, Nottingham

50 50 50, Syson Gallery, Nottingham

BYOB, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

Nitehawk Shorts Festival, Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, New York

Art Scene, Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, New York

Adventures in the Other Screen Trade, Spike Island, Bristol



Be like water, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead

Magnum Opus, N/V projects, London

The Annotated Palace Collection, curated by Darren Banks, London

Annotated Palace Posters, Palace Projects, curated by Darren Banks, London

Like A Monkey With A Miniature Symbol, Aid & Abet, Cambridge

Seven Inch, Mono, Glasgow

Empty Distances, Mark Moore Gallery, Los Angeles

A Night to Dismember, Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, New York

VODO / Outcasting,

MAP Screen, Map Magazine, Edinburgh

Night flights, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

A Night to Dismember, Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, New York

VODO / Outcasting,

MAP Screen, Map Magazine, Edinburgh

Night flights, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow



Cycling through, Lux Biennial of Moving Image, Tramway Glasgow

Guests and hosts, NN Contemporary, Northampton

Deep Space, François Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles

Collecting Contemporary Art, The Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

Better Place Portraiture, Late Shows, Vane Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

Record Store, Avalanche Records, Edinburgh Annuale, Edinburgh, Scotland

Castling Billboard, ESP/ Eastside Projects, Glasgow International

The Shape, Generator Projects, Dundee

File Transfer Protocol, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel

Omnia Mea Mecum Porto, Kotti Shop, Berlin

Artists' Books: Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, Scotland

Living On: Zombies Release Party, Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, New York

BYOB, Glue Factory, Glasgow

Spark Marker, Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, New York

In production, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham



Nada Art Fair, Miami, (Workplace Gallery) USA

Seeing In The Dark, Circa projects, Newcastle upon Tyne

Translate/Transcribe, 15th Art Moscow Art Fair (Focus UK), Moscow

Outpost Summer Fayre, Embassy Gallery, Norwich

Paris Correspondence School, Trove, Birmingham/ Minnie Weisz London

Rotate, Workplace Gallery at The Contemporary Art Society, London

Drawing 2011, The Drawing Room, London

Rummage Sale and Floor of the Forest, Barbican Art Gallery, London

Mural Newspaper Organized by Hugo Canoilas, Abrons Art Centre, New York

Defective Science, Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy

The Art of Fear, Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, New York

Pale Fire, Generator Projects, Dundee

Throw the Switches’ Festival, Trove, Birmingham



Nada Art Fair, Miami, (Workplace Gallery) USA

Hello World, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh

Palace Bandwagon, FIAC, Tuileries's Garden, Paris, France

FIAC, Grand Palais, the Cour Carrée du Louvre Paris, France

Remake Remodel, National Glass Centre, Sunderland

Post, TROVE, The Old Science Museum, Birmingham

Yes way, Auto-Italia & UTR, Auto-Italia Southeast, London

The Dictionary of Received Ideas, Q space, London

Better Place Portraiture: Surreal House, Barbican Art Gallery London

No Soul for Sale (presented by Auto Italia, London) Tate Modern, London

No Soul for Sale (presented by Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh), Tate Modern, London

Cinéphémère, The Louvre Museum in collaboration with the Ricard Foundation, Paris, France

Selected Video Works, Scratch Nights, Milton Keynes Gallery

The City and the Stars (film lounge), Stills, Edinburgh

Yes Way, Auto-Italia & UTR, Auto-Italia Southeast, London



Phantasmagoria, Better Place Portraiture, Auto Italia South East, London

Better Place Portraiture, The Old Police Station, London

Panda Malin-Head, Auto-Italia southeast, London

The Intimate, The Infinite & The Impossible, Magacin, Belgrade, Serbia

Drawing 2009, The Drawing Room, London

Yes way, Auto-Italia & UTR, London

The Golden Record, Lincoln & g39 Cardiff



Tomorrow the Future, curated by Workplace at Fish market Gallery

Lost and Found, Zoo Art Fair, Royal Academy, London

All my favourite singers couldn’t sing… Workplace Gallery, Gateshead

The Golden Record, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh

Back garden Biennial, curated by Sara Sinclair, Edinburgh

Beyond Film, curated by workplace Gallery, Durham

Epic, Auto-Italia southeast, London

Kingfisher Tales, Union Gallery, London

Art Futures, Bloomberg Space, London


Publications & Reviews



The Exhibition of a Film, Edited by Mathieu Copeland and Lore Gablie, Published with the Geneva University of Art and Design.

Mutational Media & Deep Time Thrombosis: On Darren Banks’ Object Cinema'. Jamie Sutcliffe , A-or-ist no. 2

Object Cinema, Photomonitor, Review by Rebecca Travis,



 The Raven, This is Tomorrow Review by Christian Luebbert

Exhibition Preview: The Raven, Robert Clark, The Guardian

Venice 2015 preview: Ten alternative projects at the Biennale , AN

NOW SHOWING #78: The week’s top exhibitions, AN



Nitehawk Shorts Fest Q&A: Darren Banks on “INTERIORS (ALT ENDING)

House of the Flying Wheel, Wayne Burrows, Leftlion

House of the Flying Wheel, Michael Shaw, AN



Familial History (Sculpture, Film and Horror): a Q&A with Darren Banks,

Exhibition Preview: Evermore, Robert Clark, The Guardian

Blackness. The Void. Empty Distances, Caryn Coleman. The Girl Who Knew Too Much



Hyper drawing: Beyond the Lines of Contemporary Art. Produced by TRACEY, an electronic journal for contemporary drawing research hosted by Loughborough University in the UK. I. B. Tauris

THE SHAPE interview, Ben Robinson and Stephen Bloe, Yuck 'n Yum Zine

Select, Delete, Rotate. Yuck 'n Yum Zine, Dundee, Spring issue

Cry Me a River: Darren Banks’ I’m sure if there were a monster in the midlands we would have seen it on the telly, INCOGNITUM HACTENUS. Caryn Coleman

The Hobbyists Curse, 'Endless Lonely Planet’, yearly periodical edited by Christopher L G Hill



Kensington Gore & Palace Logo, Uncle Chop Chop Magazine, Edited by J.Beagles and G.Ramsay, launch CCA Glasgow

NADA 2011, Miami,

Darren Banks: Backwater, AN interface, Annabelle Shelton

Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) essay by Alexander Hetherington

How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare a collaboration with Caryn Coleman



Blobs: The 'Blob' in Art, Popular Culture and Science, in relation to Darren Banks series of prints, Iris Aspinall Priest

Yes Way Auto-Italia & UTR, Auto-Italia Southeast, London

Dialogues, a publication by the graduating class of Goldsmiths MFA Curating

Get on the Band Wagon, Caryn Coleman, Tuileries 2010, Paris

Archive les 80’s dans une sombre Cadillac, ARTINFO France, Grégory Picard

Cadillac Noire Cinema Couleurs Papilon, ARTINFO, France

Lux Blog, Caryn Coleman interviews artist Darren Banks

Soothsayers, Map magazine, John Beagles

Soothsayers, the Edinburgh Journal, Joao Abbot-Gribben

Soothsayers, the List, Neil Cooper

Soothsayers, the skinny, Adeline Amar



It’s not the end of the world, NVA - Jennie Syson

Untitled, axis artist database - Neil Mulholland

Unpublished ‘Stop, Rewind, Eject’ - Benjamin Newell



'Brave New Disc World' Christian Pambrun, The Times

'When Worlds Collide' Mark Fisher, The List

'Lost In Our Own Space', Susan Mansfield, The Scotsman